The Compilation 2012 | MindStep Music

MindStep have been a formidable force in deep dubstep for some time. Consistent with their drops and keeping to a dub-heavy blueprint they have established themselves as one of the key labels in the scene.

The Compilation 2012 marches their heavyweight roster out in force. Overseas names like the mighty Tallan stack up alongside homegrown talents such as fellow Mancunian Djinn & Londoner Karma. Deep rumbling subs, tribal percussion, spacial atmospheres and distorted dub sounds keep the vibe keen and meditative.

For newcomers to MindStep this is a great introduction to a fantastic and highly relevant imprint. Fans will also enjoy the summing up of the best releases from the past year. All contemplative bass heads, cast your pounds and pennies in this direction.

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Egoless – Before/ After EP

The LoDubs label has steadily gained pace since it’s inception in 2006 as a sub label. Swiftly and without haste the label become and important part of modern bass music with their feature debuts from the likes of XI, 6Blocc, DZ, Bombaman, Starkey, Clubroot, Swarms and Cardopusher.

Their latest cut see’s Croation beatsmith Egoless on a 3 track E.P. ‘Before Dub’ is the opener and captures the roots vibe perfectly before the intruigingly titled ‘Woodpeckers Groove’ picks up the pace with skippy breaks and smooth harmonies rising throughout. ‘The Day After The Riot’ tops the E.P of with some traditional stabs and horns while the drums lay down the funky pattern and a subtle vocal rides over the lot.

A fine release, still only days old, and perfectly highlighting the versatility of this committed label.

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Free Beats

Once again the Bot has been endlessly crawling the internets for the best in free and legal music for the listeners and this week unearthed a stack of beats.

First up is this 4 track E.P from our homie and label boss Sub of Syncopathic Recordings. Tirelessly working to promote fresh producers is Subs game and for this release we see Double O, Theory and LXC on production duties alongsie a VIP from the man himself. ‘Come Close’ by Theory features on this weeks Robot Bodypop show because it’s mega. Available on Soundcloud and Sub has also kindly provided links to either MP3 or WAV meaning you can take these beats to the dancefloor as well.

Next up is a mighty 14 track long player from net label Future Grooves and this is compilation Vol.1. This collection sees unheard and unfinished tracks from producers from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada and moves through future garage, dubstep, juke and much more. Published as an attempt to gain these producers more followers and make no mistake about the quality of tracks on here. Several of our favourite producers feature such as Qualmsound with his atmospheric 2-step in ‘The Object’, Crystal Eyes with the deep and rolling vocal tinged ‘Black Magick’ topped off with ‘Stay’ by Henry Krinkle who’s smooth groove and vocals ensured inclusion on this weeks Robot Bodypop show.

A serious amount of talent on display here so be sure to check out the producers other works.

Finally another compilation this time from Mad Decent with Jeffrees Vol. 4. In their own words:

“Just barely 7 months old and we’re already on the 4th volume of Jeffree’s compilations! This one continues the series with a diverse selection of new talent from across the electronic music landscape, beginning with 19 year old Phat Deuce’s “Bubble Di Sistem”, a staple track in Diplo’s live set. Next up is the new J-Wow (of Buraka Som Sistema) project called Branko, featuring Dominique Young Unique and a remix by French producer French Fries. Scotland’s Lockah follows with a penchant for melody in the context of sub-octave bass music that defies any one genre. A series of 4 instrumentals from the mysterious producer UZ comes next. Having first caught our attention when he came out of nowhere with a string of huge trap-inspired beats on his Soundcloud page, UZ is one of the most exciting new producers in this growing scene. DJ Shaun D from the Netherlands rounds out the package with two more banging club tunes that Diplo has been rinsing out for quite some time.”

‘Now You Wanna’ by Lockah features on this weeks Robot Bodypop show so be sure to check out more of his productions

Robot Bodypop 17.03.03

artwork by Stacey Jujika

Another fortnight, another blinding show. We were all sorts of busy in the run up to this one, especially with Killian Junior entering the world – But nevertheless we can assure you this is one of the best shows we’ve put together yet. Featuring tracks from both DJ Madd and DVA‘s brand new debut albums, plus envelope-pushing exclusives from Brero and Janner. And not forgetting this week we break open Transmit Volume 2 : Sub & Syncopathic Recordings presented by Killian – who is contributing remotely this week on a CB Radio that I built for him. What? Oh, and happy St Patricks Day.


Bare Fuzz – DVA
Afrikaans – Shooting Horses
No Bitch Equal – Hostage
The Real & The Shadow – DJ Madd
4 3 2 1 Lets Go – Riddlez
Just Breathe – Brero
Unborn – Dark Tantrums
Specimen – Biome
Regret – Janner
Delight Dub – Paper Tiger
Ninety-Three – Cluekid
Junglist – DJ Madd
Greezy – Rekchampa
Inside – C.R.S.T.

1996 – Davwuh
Drain – Author
Trust Me – Ghostek
Into A Ghost – Materielle (Londy RMX)
Vancouver – Martyn (2562 RMX)
Drugs – No Lay ft. Ms Dynamite (North Base RMX)


Medicine (Diphasic Rmx) (Syncopathic Dub) – Rawst
Natural Selection (Dubkraft) – Marginal & Alien Pimp
9202 (Dub) – Dyl
Hybrid (Dub) – Disarae
Octagonal Shift (Syncopathic Dub – Forthcoming in March) – Rmf
Hunter (Modern Urban Jazz) – DiamonD Eye
Depart (Absys) – Anile & Dakosa
Chasing Shadows (Dj Speaks Refix) (Bootleg) – Ruff Tactics
Mode (Modern Urban Jazz Dub) – Justice & DiamonD Eye
Moody Grooves (Dub) – Disarae
Neutrons (Dub) – Dyl
String Theory (Syncopathic Dub – Forthcoming in March) – Rmf

The Transmit Sessions Vol.2: Sub & Syncopathic Recordings


For our second installment in the TRANSMIT series we called on label boss Sub of Syncopathic Recordings. Initially thinking it would be around the 140bpm range, Sub surprised us at Robot Bodypop with a slick mix of 170bpm rollers. Inbetween the deep beats, theres a nod to the original jungle sound in there and quite frankly its awesome.

The label was established in Innsbruk in Austria by Sub in 2007 and they are keen to point out that their sound lies within D&B in its purest form. Building soundscapes with complex drums and deep bass alongside detailed attention its a refreshing take on a genre that is finding its feet once again. The atmospheres created reminded me of why D & B gripped so many in its earlier years.

We felt it necessary to grill Sub for a bit on his thoughts about the current music scene – Here’s what he said:

With your label are you going for a particular sound or vibe to represent your artists?

in the beginning of the label, which was 2007, i was only looking for drumfunk/amen artists as you can see when you look at the releases in the first year from artists like sumone, equinox, nebula, macc.. later on i opened my mind for the more minimalistic and glitchy kind of sound with releases by bop & dephecta, hidden paranoid society.. nowadays i am open for pretty much everything deep, doesnt matter which tempo!

How did the label come about? is it something youve wanted from the beginning?

I never had the intention to start a label, but at some point i realized there is so much great music and artists out there that will never see the light of day which kind of frustrated me.. so i decided to try to promote some of this music.. the first idea was to make it a free netlabel, but then i decided to sell the music to be able to provide mastering and artwork for the releases.. also i think most ppl dont worhsip what they dont have to pay for..

Do you feel, being a label owner that you can express yourself more musically as you’re able to put whatever you want out there into the public domain?

I am definetely doing what i want.. lol..

Whats the favourite track in your collection and why?

photek – the rain, bec it represents the essence of dnb and all related genres..

Whats your dream collaboration?

wow, that is hard, there are so many ppl out there i would love to work with.. but if i had to name one i would say robert glasper, that guy is working with harmonies like nobody else at the moment!

Any upcoming producers people should be aware of?

there are great artists popping out of the map every day.. there is this guy from singapore “diphasic” who is doing some brillant stuff! watch out for his release on syncopathic together with “rawst” from poland.. “rawst – medicine (diphasic remix)” is one of my favourite tunes right now – minimalism in perfection (check it in my guestmix).. also i have got a brillant release lined up by a guy called “deeper heightz” from the u.k., his tune “north shore” which will be on his syncopathic ep makes me goosebumps everytime i listen to it (you can find a preview on his soundcloud page)! two guys who are totally killing it right now are “parallel & relapse”, they have got a collaboration album forthcoming on dubkraft which will be a masterpiece in sounddesign and atmosphere!

What influenced you as you moved through drum and bass and into the dubstep scenes?

there are several lp’s that really hit me throughout the years.. “goldie – timeless”, “krust – genetic manipulation”, “photek – modus operandi”.. and in dubstep “burial – burial”, “headhunter – nomad”, “2562 – aerial”.. just to name a few..

If you could remix any track what would it be and why?

photek – the rain, bec it is the essence!!!

Any advice for people setting up their own labels?

not really, i think everybody has to find his own thing.. treat music and ppl with respect, the bigheaded will not stand the test of time..

Whats the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

haha… no idea, but if you give me a capybara i try that one..

Check out the recent and forthcoming release, dig deep into the back catalogue and catch the exclusive mix on this weeks Robot Bodypop show.





Robot Bodypop 03.03.12

artwork by ClockworkVerdigis

Yes Yes! Really excited about this weeks Robot Bodypop show. Not least because of the badman selection but it also marks the start of the Transmit exclusive mixes. Each one promises to be a showcase of artists, labels or vocalists talents with some very special guests in the coming weeks. Starting us off is the mighty Clueless from Norway.

Alongside the Transmit mix theres tracks from Heny G, the mighty Dem A Talk by Compa, some older bits from HotFlush and Ox Rider Records as well as some newer cuts from Dispatch Recordings with Dabs & Saffire and a serious Clubroot riddim. Chuck all this in the mix with some killer freebies. Get locked.


Dem A Talk – Compa
Unknown – Pure Woman
Finest Hour – Submotion Orchestra (Planas RMX)
Sunlit – Whistla
Francoise – Asa With Joyful Lips
Brood – Boxcutter
Scars – Clubroot
The Skinny – Vlsson (Blynk remix)
Conquerer – j:kenzo (Heny g remix)
Miaow – Habstrakt & Badjokes (War & Mateba RMX)
Time Carrier – Dubs & Saffire
Those Days – Sumgii
To Me – Bjork (Compa RMX)

Deep – Mr Skank Sinatra
Damn Social – Pale
Pyre – Throwing Snow
Pressure (Alternative Mix) – LDZ & Matta feat. Stig Of The Dump


Mandy – Palace
Looking At You – Kowton
Sweat (Jon Convex Mix) – Presk Cinnaman
What’s There – Dauwd
Shorty – Trevino
Armageddon – Palace
Night (Duncan Powell Mix) – Viers
Heard It Through The Grapevine (Loftmind Remix) – Marvin Gaye
Posh – Clueless
Pop – Clueless

Lying Here – Skittles