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We aim to play you the sound of the future – We don’t cater to any genre in particular – if it’s electronic and pushing boundaries it will most likely have a place on our show!


has been keenly involved in music production for over 15 years – Taking inspiration from early 90’s hip hop he started his interest in music production aged 12. Picking up on Drum & Bass and Dubstep he managed to maintain an eclectic taste and cut his teeth in the world of FM and internet radio co-presenting the popular pRp reggae show on Unity Radio 92.8 FM as Jack The Beats. 1nejack is still pushing to improve his productions and has recently founded Earshot Studios with DJ Killian.


is a blogger, DJ, budding producer and deep beat lover. Killian’s knowledge of forward thinking music is evident on his Scrapbook podcasts which along with his Killian Dub music blog have gained notoriety and recognition from over 6,000 subscribers. At more than 15,000 downloads Killian Dub is well established as a reliable source for quality bass music. A partner at Earshot Studios, Killian is currently working on production techniques and hopes to be making moves with his own productions in the near future.

1nejack’s productions and mixes can be found at – All works in progress!

Killian’s blog can be found at – Lots and lots of bass heavy tunes and much of it completely free!

If you want to get in touch with any proposals, mixes, beats, a friendly message or just wanton abuse email We find replying to spam emails  especially entertaining 🙂 Incidentally if you are a radio station and want to give us a slot don’t hesitate to let us know!



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