RBP002 | 31.11.12 | Killian


artwork by Tad Carpenter

Easy! Back in the lab with the Robot seeking out some of the finest bass music out there. Theres all styles on there from deep Panda cut, rolling jungle vibes from Phil Tangent and ARP XP right through to the sounds of fellow Mancunians Qualmsound and Earl Grey. All of this is capped off with the mighty Pawcut and a new badman track from RDubz. Dig it! Stream or download the 320 from the link below

Dub – Panda
Too Much War – RSD
Beat Of The Drum (Throwing Snow RMX) – Happa
Omun – Qualmsound
Beneath – Stiver
Romero (Earl Grey RMX) – Floral
Restitution – Phil Tangent
Surrealism – ARP XP
Shadowlands – Lynx & Hellrazor
Soul Truth – Gerwin
Elegy – Pawcut
Too Much Expectation – RDubz

North Base x Virus Syndicate – Home

Brand new collabo from infectious mic men Virus Syndicate and deep beat maestros North Base with this wicked new trick entitled ‘Home’. Pretty much everything you can expect from one of the scenes hottest grime crews and this years emerging and exciting dancefloor act. Its all about the amens for me. Bringing back that old flavour but still managing to sound as fresh as ever the producers here fully compliment the vocalists. Awesome and original work from both parties.

Available now alongside a tearout remix and acapella from Beatport, iTunes and Juno as well as all good online retailers

nonXero – Black Art

Set to drop on the 2nd June, US DJ & producer nonXero draws inspiration from reggae, grime, dubstep and future garage for this release on In The Mix records. ‘Black Art’ will be nonXeros 3rd album and its a reflection of his time spent in Detroit, Michigan. Wanting to identify the relationship between art, music and urban culture, nonXero uses samples recorded by himself to illustrate what he calls his ‘adventures’. Several stand out tracks such as the ‘Down Under’ VIP and ‘Will You Be Mine’ but its a solid collection of tracks that builds and builds. Bag it.

Also be sure to check out his soundcloud page as theres a stack of music on there.



Transmit Sessions Vol 4 | N. Killah and NRealm Recs


With the Transmit Sessions we’re trying to get people to represent their individual sounds and vibes be it through music they make or put out there for others through imprints and releases. Russia’s N.Killah keeps it all in house. Both D.J. and producer he also founded and runs the mighty N.Realm Recs label. The label is dedicated to, in his own words, ‘true dubstep’.

Keeping to the deep vibes but not scared to experiment, the label has already stacked up an impressive release roster with plenty more to come throughout 2012. The most recent release is N.Killahs impressive ‘The End’ E.P

On top of all this, N.Killah also manages to find time to put out the 4VIVBES podcast which is packed full of plenty of bass music featuring some of the labels other artists. The most recent show sees Forensics in the mix with a serious selection of tracks from all corners.

4VIBES Podcast>

N.Killah kindly took a minute to talk to us:

1. how did N:realm recordings come to be? have you always wanted to run your own label?

N;realm has been created absolutely spontaneously. First I released two of my own tracks. Then my friends have supported me and gave their tracks for free.

2. You appear to be very proud of what you’re building with N.Realm Recs. Tell me about the dubstep scene in Russia

The stage exists. There is a lot of awsome artists, various podcasts, radio shows…
But much less fans of true dubstep. 80 percent of dubstep people likes Skrillex
and think that this is a gold standard of fat sound.

3. Social networking means its easier to build a more personal relationship with followers of your music. How important is it for you to keep in close contact with fans of your music?

I always keep in it. For example in time of tour after each set I always buy some beers and buzz with “mortals” I always answer on messages in social networks.

4. whats your favourite track on your label?

Hard to make a choice ’cause I like everyone. But leaders is:
1 Roofout – Best Spring
2 Crispo – Moments
3 N.Killah – Maybe

5. what producers should we look out for?

N’Killah! No kidding is Faib, Pixelord, Roofout, Crispo (CRSP), Reixtra.

6. whats your favourite track in your record collection and why?

Tes La Rok – Cold Blooded – I never get tired of that track!

7. what are your influences?

Everything around… Music, movies, videogames, smoke

8. Do you think its important for producers to try new things musically?

To do something new is important in any deed. Progress is our life!

9. When are you bringing Robot Bodypop to Russia?

When russian people stop sacrifice their kids in the name of Skrillex.
But I told about RBP to my fans and friends.

10. Whats the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

Dog Sony ERS-7W AIBO ))


Transmit 4, incoming!


The Transmit Sessions Vol.2: Sub & Syncopathic Recordings


For our second installment in the TRANSMIT series we called on label boss Sub of Syncopathic Recordings. Initially thinking it would be around the 140bpm range, Sub surprised us at Robot Bodypop with a slick mix of 170bpm rollers. Inbetween the deep beats, theres a nod to the original jungle sound in there and quite frankly its awesome.

The label was established in Innsbruk in Austria by Sub in 2007 and they are keen to point out that their sound lies within D&B in its purest form. Building soundscapes with complex drums and deep bass alongside detailed attention its a refreshing take on a genre that is finding its feet once again. The atmospheres created reminded me of why D & B gripped so many in its earlier years.

We felt it necessary to grill Sub for a bit on his thoughts about the current music scene – Here’s what he said:

With your label are you going for a particular sound or vibe to represent your artists?

in the beginning of the label, which was 2007, i was only looking for drumfunk/amen artists as you can see when you look at the releases in the first year from artists like sumone, equinox, nebula, macc.. later on i opened my mind for the more minimalistic and glitchy kind of sound with releases by bop & dephecta, hidden paranoid society.. nowadays i am open for pretty much everything deep, doesnt matter which tempo!

How did the label come about? is it something youve wanted from the beginning?

I never had the intention to start a label, but at some point i realized there is so much great music and artists out there that will never see the light of day which kind of frustrated me.. so i decided to try to promote some of this music.. the first idea was to make it a free netlabel, but then i decided to sell the music to be able to provide mastering and artwork for the releases.. also i think most ppl dont worhsip what they dont have to pay for..

Do you feel, being a label owner that you can express yourself more musically as you’re able to put whatever you want out there into the public domain?

I am definetely doing what i want.. lol..

Whats the favourite track in your collection and why?

photek – the rain, bec it represents the essence of dnb and all related genres..

Whats your dream collaboration?

wow, that is hard, there are so many ppl out there i would love to work with.. but if i had to name one i would say robert glasper, that guy is working with harmonies like nobody else at the moment!

Any upcoming producers people should be aware of?

there are great artists popping out of the map every day.. there is this guy from singapore “diphasic” who is doing some brillant stuff! watch out for his release on syncopathic together with “rawst” from poland.. “rawst – medicine (diphasic remix)” is one of my favourite tunes right now – minimalism in perfection (check it in my guestmix).. also i have got a brillant release lined up by a guy called “deeper heightz” from the u.k., his tune “north shore” which will be on his syncopathic ep makes me goosebumps everytime i listen to it (you can find a preview on his soundcloud page)! two guys who are totally killing it right now are “parallel & relapse”, they have got a collaboration album forthcoming on dubkraft which will be a masterpiece in sounddesign and atmosphere!

What influenced you as you moved through drum and bass and into the dubstep scenes?

there are several lp’s that really hit me throughout the years.. “goldie – timeless”, “krust – genetic manipulation”, “photek – modus operandi”.. and in dubstep “burial – burial”, “headhunter – nomad”, “2562 – aerial”.. just to name a few..

If you could remix any track what would it be and why?

photek – the rain, bec it is the essence!!!

Any advice for people setting up their own labels?

not really, i think everybody has to find his own thing.. treat music and ppl with respect, the bigheaded will not stand the test of time..

Whats the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

haha… no idea, but if you give me a capybara i try that one..

Check out the recent and forthcoming release, dig deep into the back catalogue and catch the exclusive mix on this weeks Robot Bodypop show.






DJ Madd – The Real & The Shadow | Black Box Recordings

We here at the Robot Bodypop have been fans of Hungarian producer DJ Madd since day one. The main vein of this, his long awaited debut album, is deep, gloomy, and bass laden – backed with heavyweight drum tracks slamming over sinister textures. Compliment the boom and the bass with the vocal talents of Lady Maroo, Rebel MC and LX One and you have a perfect package.

Departures from the classic deep dubstep stylings come in the shape of tracks like ‘Body Pop’ which is a dark and techy electro stepper – And ‘Junglist’, an old skool ravey bass fest of breaks and ragga samples. The quality lives up to and surpasses expectations from this influential producer. We’re not being funny, but if you don’t buy this it probably means you touch kids.

LP – http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=BLACKBOX023
CD – http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=BLACKBOX022