DJ Madd – The Real & The Shadow | Black Box Recordings

We here at the Robot Bodypop have been fans of Hungarian producer DJ Madd since day one. The main vein of this, his long awaited debut album, is deep, gloomy, and bass laden – backed with heavyweight drum tracks slamming over sinister textures. Compliment the boom and the bass with the vocal talents of Lady Maroo, Rebel MC and LX One and you have a perfect package.

Departures from the classic deep dubstep stylings come in the shape of tracks like ‘Body Pop’ which is a dark and techy electro stepper – And ‘Junglist’, an old skool ravey bass fest of breaks and ragga samples. The quality lives up to and surpasses expectations from this influential producer. We’re not being funny, but if you don’t buy this it probably means you touch kids.

LP –
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