Divergent Thinking | Free EP | Bandcamp

A collaborative release from Kee, Dimitri & Dekoi has pricked our ears this week. Released for free on the Divergent Thinking imprint, this chilled and thoughtful release crosses a range of genres.

Kee‘s opening track is a euphoric atmosphere-drenched trip hop number. Dekoi‘s jazz influences and old school production values hold their own here with a diverse set of tracks from ‘Drifting’ – a smooth-as-you-like liquid DnB joint with a rainy afternoon feel – right through to the more jump-up garage sound of ‘Not A Cloud’. Dimitri comes from a more experimental standpoint with ‘Jazz Cafe’ bringing meandering piano melodies and distorted percussion. ‘Nitelites’ busted drums and driven bass is laced with sampled vocals and more of a synth-feel. Dimitri also lends his distinctive bass sound to Kee‘s opener.

This soothing EP will keep you cool on those hot summer nights and is well worth a download. Grab it and keep an ear out for future releases.

Robot Bodypop 26.05.12

artwork by Anton Tang

Summer is definitely with us and we have crafted a show for outside play especially. How are your neighbours going to learn to appreciate good music if you don’t turn it up? With a couple of delicious freebies from Sound Pellegrino Termal Team and Squarehead we are set firmly in House territory for 1nejack‘s set. Bringing in brand new Dubstep from Gravious and a keen Orbital remix from Concept we’ve also details Qualmsound‘s brand new ‘Elements’ EP and we feature the Blynk remix of ‘Water’ from the very same. Killian brings more free music from Aaron Static, Sunyata and Shaolin FC, plus some Siberious vibes in Volume 6 of the mighty Transmit Series as Vaomm jumps in to a brilliantly bright mix of varied colours and flavours. эти русские с ума!

Also this week we were graced with the presence of Sam Sapin and the Bez-like Joe Hardy in the studio – Sam is a film and documentary maker and you can check out his productions at www.letthemonkeyout.com, some of which have featured on Channel 4 and Al Jazeera. Joe is just Joe, watch out for him doing his thing at Robot Bodypop‘s live shows in the future. You’ll have to come along to see exactly what that is though!

Strange Touch (Douster Weird House mix) – Sound Pellegrino Termal Team
ZB402 – Squarehead
Lazarus Taxon – Kidnap Kid
Shadows – TOTTE
Torus – Gravious
Lost & Found – Amon Tobin
Intuit – Anstam
Falling Into Pieces – Fau & Deam
Wonky (Concept Dub) – Orbital
Apizaco – Schlachthofbronx
Skip A Beat (Tom Richman Remix) – Anna Love
Green Waters (EPLP Remix) – Gullfisk
Water (Blynk Remix) – Qualmsound
Desire (2step Mix) – El-B

Social Meltdown – Aaron Static (free)
I want Your Love – Sunyata (free)
Flutterby – Shaolin FC (free)
Frankenstein Dub – Cessman

TRANSMIT #6 : Vaomm

1. RL Grime – Amphibian
2. Jack Dixon – I Let You (The Phantom remix)
3. Addison Groove – This Is It
4. Jack Dixon – Coconuts (Disclosure remix)
5. ENiGMA Dubz – Headroom
6. Lunice – Hitmanes Anthem
7. Pixelord – Kiwi Dream
8. Jack Dixon – Be There
9. Distal – Feed Me
10. Mateba – Raindrops feat. Habstrakt
11. ENiGMA Dubz – Wanting Me
12. Existance – Uninhabited
13. Sook – Never Knows Best
14. Roughquest – Outside Of You
15. Existance – Pelennor Fields
16. Volor Flex – You In Me
17. MO’ STRBLGHTZ – Praise Ya Jah

Transmit Sessions Vol 6 | Vaomm

Keeping with the summer vibe we’ve got going on this week, Siberian DJ and producer Vaomm takes a moment to talk to the Robot Bodypop and mixes up a 40 minute wonder filled with beats that are making him and his fellow Russians skank harder than the Kalinka.

Russia seems to be flourishing with some great producers. What do you think has influenced them into making underground bass music?

Ooh, I don’t know for sure, of course, this question is really personal, and I can just assume the main reasons or influences. From one hand, it can be kind of fashion, trend, of smth like that, cause all modern electronic music came from UK, and it can be “cool” to do stuff like they do. But, from the other side, it can be just a “call of soul”, if you know what I mean, and, I guess, there are more producers from the second variant, than from the first.

When making music, do you have an idea of what you want to make or do you go with the flow and see where you end up?

Mmm, sometimes I have an outlined concept in my mind, and simply try to take it out from my head to waveforms. Sometimes I have only an idea about melody, percussion or bassline, and build all parts of the composition on the basis of one part. But cause of my hard study in university, unfortunately, I have a little time for music, but I have lots of concepts, thoughts, ideas, hope to make them all soon.

What have your influences been, musically and otherwise?

Difficult question. You know, I’ve been listening to hip-hop for many years, and my favourite hip-hop groups and artists are Dilated Peoples (especially Evidence), Gang Starr, Tech N9ne (all Strange music label), Royce da 5’9”, and others. Sampling funk and jazz and soul…that makes a profound influence on me. Later, I’ve started to allocate bass and drums, these things lead me to dubstep sound with dark dirty vibes, like Skream, Kromestar, Silkie, and Deep Medi label. Here comes UK bass scene.
As for my music, I’m trying to catch everything I feel, see, hear and can pass through myself, that’s all 🙂

We like to keep the selection diverse on the Robot Bodypop show. How important do you think it is for people to try new things and create new sounds?

When you create something, you grow up and develop yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s music, paintings, science or anything else. Creation is a movement, and movement is the most important thing in the life, I think.

Do you keep in close contact with your followers either at gigs or through social media?

Hahah, i’m open to everyone, but I want to say, that my parents, two cats, one dog, and a couple of friends, and that’s all, when I talk about my followers and it’s not so difficult to keep in close contact with them. 🙂

Tell us about the scene you’re involved in and how it works

So, i’m from Novosibirsk, it’s the city, which is called “The capital of Syberia”. Although, it has 1,5 mln population, there is a very weak bass scene here, bass producers can be counted on the fingers of one hand, I can allocate Pixelord (althouth he lives in Moscow, his roots come from my city), Melamin (Dubline Records), and, unfortunately, I can’t remember anyone else, except a couple of guys djs, who plays bass music during rare specific parties here, surely, most often it’s mainstream dubstep/dnb sound, but sometimes there are exceptions! Also, recently we’ve made some kind of community called NBD (nobody) Collective. It consists of me, Elmah and MO’ STRBLGHTZ, who presented me an exclusive dubplate, which I’ve put in my mix for your show.

Do you have an idea for a dream collaboration?

Of course! It will be great to collab with Swarms, Clubroot, Burial, Phaeleh, Synkro and others and others, but, it’s only dream 😉

Nice. Some of our favourite producers there.

Whats your favourite song in your collection and why?

There are lots of them in different genres, but at this moment, when i’m answering this question, the track, which I prefer to listen again and again, is Clubroot – Waterways, because of its deep, highly atmospheric and very melancholic sound.

Tell me about the best night you’ve played at and what made it memorable?

It was november 2011, I was one of the promoters of these party, it was called: “Bass to ya face, London!”, and all night there are a lot of djs playin the music from Britain streets like breaks, jungle, dubstep, etc. It was awesome, and there are many people, many happy smiles and good mood.

Whats the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

What?…maybe my dog, lol


Free Beats

A sizeable slice of the music featured on this weeks show is free to download. Much of it can be found buried deep in the annals and back passages of the internet but to save you the bother (plus we wouldn’t want you getting dirty) we post all the links to tunes we use up here regularly. Grab em.

First up it’s off key House music from the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team. This is the Douster remix and it bangs. Grab it on Mediafire.


Next up it’s Squarehead, with his track ‘ZB-402’ coming as part of a series of free tunes that you will only catch if you follow him on facebook – As that is the only place they are being posted. We will let you go and have a look, just check the timeline. All in 320kbps.

Music producers can be fickle, and what they giveth they may taketh away. TOTTE put ‘Shadows’ up for free download a few days ago but it seems that it has currently been disabled. Checking the comments feed he has alluded to posting up an alternative link, but that has yet to materialise. Keep your eyes peeled though as this is a banger!

This next one comes from Qualmsound‘s fresh new ‘Elements’ EP which is free to download from his facebook page. Click like and you can scoop it from his timeline. There are 6 tracks of chillness covering Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. There are also remixes included and we included Blynk‘s ‘Water’ version in this weeks show. For the bitrate obsessed the WAV file is right here.

This next one’s on a political tip. Featuring samples of disgruntled members of the UK population this one will stir that revolutionary spirit in you. Aaron Static knows just what he’s doing and ‘Social Meltdown’ is a certified window smasher.

Looking back slightly to 6 months ago Sunyata posted this one to thank his fans for 1000 followings on Soundcloud. It’s still fresh, and I’m sure he will appreciate more likes so go and check him out.

And finally we bring this mellow summer track from well named Shaolin FC. This one needs sunshine and water so give it some play out there!

Eurocultured Manchester Street Festival 2012 | 3 & 4 June

We are pleased to announce our place in the line-up of one of Manchesters biggest and most unique music & arts festivals. If you haven’t yet been to this amazing event then where’ve you been at, man?

Set amongst 6 different venues and 3 covered stages we are joining the likes of Broke N English, Skittles, Chimpo, Dub Phizix, Synkro, Indigo and Metrodome to name just a few of the local talent getting involved. Then you’ve got a load of international artists like Von D, Stickman and Japanese Popstars coming in to tear it down. There’s a load of creative workshops to get involved in, and on top of that some of Europe’s finest graf and street artists shape their creations before your very eyes!

Come down and soak up the atmosphere over the course of the two days and make sure you pop your head through the door of Revolution Bar on Oxford Road (Monday 7-9pm) to see us in action – We have got a wicked set planned too. Triple distilled future bass music robot stepping carnival vibes!



Sunday 3rd June:


Caravan Palace
FranceBirdy Nam Nam
The Amazing
UKOrlyk Dance Ensemble
Ukrainian Folk Dance

Student Castle Stage: 

The Kill Van Kulls
Brown Brogues
The Feud
Five Card Deck
The Lottery Winners
Blind Atlas

The Wesc Stage:

Troy Gunner
Denis Jones
Neko Neko
Bering Strait

Black Dog Ballroom Roof Terrace:

Matthew Whitaker
Comedy from Laughing Cows
Sunset Quartet Acoustic
Time for T.
Jim Amada

Black Dog Ballroom Pool Room:

Von D
Rich Reason
Tonn Piper
Now Wave DJs
Aficionado recordings
Breakdance Competition

Black Dog Ballroom Under Dog:

The Sultan
Salsa workshop
Tango Workshop
Street Dance Workshop
Salsa workshop
Tango Workshop
Street Dance Workshop

Front Bar:

Ashley Beedle
Red Laser Disco Residents
Dan Smith
Gareth Brooks
Lovely Rita
Hey Bulldog
Danny Mahon

Thirsty Scholar:

Nick Sinna
Il Bosco
Swing Ting
Martin Brew
Dom Thomas
Matt Triggs
Cyril Snear
The Draymin
The Physics House Band & Bwani Junction

The Attic:

Until Silence
Joe Kalius
Old House Playground
Hot Vestry
Clockwork Radio

Soundcontrol Top Floor:

Stretford Dogs Club
The Draymin
Cyril Snear
Bwani Junction
The Physics House Band
Zebra Tracks

Sound Control Basement Club Space:

Optimo DJs
Naive Melody DJs

Soundcontrol Bar Area:

Damn Dirty Ape
The Mayfield Players
Simon Toulouse
Going for Gold Photo Experience
Fancy dress fun
Visual art workshop


Steve Thorpe
Danny K
I am Austin
Working For A Nuclear Free City
Extra Love
Bad Transmission
JP Cooper

Revolution Bar Area:

Lowdown & Dirty DJ’s
Dan Nolan
Danny Russell
Johnny Shire

European Soul All Dayer:


Live Painting on the Street:

Frau Isa
Low Bros
Nicolas Barrome
Matt Sewell

Monday 4th June:

Death in Vegas
The Japanese Popstars
The Correspondents
Breakdance Competition
2 on 2 breakdance compeition with live band

Student Castle Stage:

From the Kites of San Quentin
Jez Kerr

The Wesc Stage:

Broke ‘n’ English
Dub Phizix
p.R.p DJs

Black Dog Ballroom Terrace:

Comedy from Laughing Cows
Tim and Nayan
Lovely Rita

Black Dog Ballroom Pool Room:

Manchester’s European Soul Weekender

Black Dog Ballroom Under Dog:

In the Loop vs Hot Milk
Salsa workshop
Tango Workshop
Street Dance Workshop
Salsa workshop
Tango Workshop
Street Dance Workshop

Font Bar:

Mr Brown
Mark XTC
North Base
Simon Toulouse
The Slow Show
Cheap Cuts
Golden Glow
Hot Beat Repeat
Mount Fabric
Hawker Reunion
City Reign

Thirsty Scholar:

p.R.p DJs
Chris Franzkowiak
The Yossarians
Santiago Street Machine
Hologram Heart Parade
Jeramiah Ferrari
The Age of Glass
Vinyl Miners
Vinyl Miners
Bugalu Foundation
Mind on Fire Djs
Mind on Fire Djs
Hot Botz Brass Band

The Attic:

Gypsy Hill
Tender Machine
Hugo Kensdale
Trojan Horse
Old Suits


Whim Wham Magic showcase

Revolution Bar Area:

p.R.p DJs
Robot Bodypop
Headgone DJs

Live Painting on the Street:

Frau Isa
Low Bros
Nicolas Barrome
Matt Sewell





nonXero – Black Art

Set to drop on the 2nd June, US DJ & producer nonXero draws inspiration from reggae, grime, dubstep and future garage for this release on In The Mix records. ‘Black Art’ will be nonXeros 3rd album and its a reflection of his time spent in Detroit, Michigan. Wanting to identify the relationship between art, music and urban culture, nonXero uses samples recorded by himself to illustrate what he calls his ‘adventures’. Several stand out tracks such as the ‘Down Under’ VIP and ‘Will You Be Mine’ but its a solid collection of tracks that builds and builds. Bag it.

Also be sure to check out his soundcloud page as theres a stack of music on there.