Egoless – Before/ After EP

The LoDubs label has steadily gained pace since it’s inception in 2006 as a sub label. Swiftly and without haste the label become and important part of modern bass music with their feature debuts from the likes of XI, 6Blocc, DZ, Bombaman, Starkey, Clubroot, Swarms and Cardopusher.

Their latest cut see’s Croation beatsmith Egoless on a 3 track E.P. ‘Before Dub’ is the opener and captures the roots vibe perfectly before the intruigingly titled ‘Woodpeckers Groove’ picks up the pace with skippy breaks and smooth harmonies rising throughout. ‘The Day After The Riot’ tops the E.P of with some traditional stabs and horns while the drums lay down the funky pattern and a subtle vocal rides over the lot.

A fine release, still only days old, and perfectly highlighting the versatility of this committed label.

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Free Tunes

As it was their first birthday recently, fledgling label Squelch & Clap are giving away this bouncy pack of tunes comprising previously released originals and remixes. Featured artists include Tete De Tigre, Arcade, Kidnap Kid and 123MRK. We liked this compilation so much we have featured two of the tunes on this weeks show. Check it out and download the full shebang here.

And yes, we know, it was recently Valentine’s Day (can’t you see we themed the artwork this week accordingly?). So to drown out the sound of the couple next door fighting/going at it like rabbits we have this great 6 track giveaway from Lovesick Recordings.

Home to artists like Riskotheque, MarchMellow & Southbound Hangers, there have been some quality releases from this crew so far and this is set to continue. Download this consistently impressive EP via Surus here.

And we also have a lovelorn freebie from Belgian duo Requake entitled ‘Before Breakfast’. No wishy-washy sentimental bumslush from these two – it’s rather large. Click here for the download link.

Next up is the deep FatKidOnFire x Content collabo ‘Sulfur’. Eyes down for this one

and finally, a free track from Dub Alive Recordings. Bukkha comes with the root vibes in ‘Drift’. Bag it now to avoid disappointment.

Mr Skank Sinatra

Young producer Dan Clapham aka Mr Skank Sinatra is but one of the young producing talents from Manchester and after only producing for a little over a year he is celebrating his first release. ‘You’re Right Here’, featured on the Robot Bodypop show, got a release this month on Morbit Records and we are loving it. Classy dubstep vibes on this cut with a remix on the flip are hopefully a taster of whats to come. There’s also a serious amount of freebies on his Soundcloud which show that this chap is capable of carving his own sound with future-led beats alongside root sounding dubs. We’re excited to keep an eye on his future projects.

Also forthcoming is ‘Herbalist’ which is a deep and relaxed roller. Check it out along with everything else