VAUSZ – Bosozoku | Slime Recordings

Celebrating their 50th release, Slime Recordings keep it fresh as ever with this innovative and accomplished debut album from Vausz.

The tone is ultra futuristic whilst conjuring up a palpable sense of nostalgia. Vausz depicts a future kindred to the gritty and dark Sci-Fi flicks of the 1970’s and 80’s.

Modulated lo-fi sampling and an array of classic synths and dub effects are put to extremely good use, the familiar palette subject to a whole heap of inspiration and innovation. We are teleported to a myriad of musical worlds; Club chords are spliced with Hip Hop breaks on the laid back ‘Nomurai’, whereas reggae dub vibes are subject to a sudden inexplicable metamorphosis in the schizophrenic ‘Thoughtforms’.


With influences ranging from dub, dubstep, acid, hip hop, reggae, deep house and techno, tracks also vary greatly in length – the briefest clocking one and a half minutes and the longest stretching out over ten. Just another example of how Vausz likes to do things differently. ‘Bosozoku’ is packed with musicality and innovation with many of the tracks have more than one song to sing.

This is an extremely well composed and balanced release that tells its story in vivid colour and detail. Well deserving the props, we are giving this one our solid RBP seal of approval. We think you should too. Available from 3rd December.

Buy on Juno

Dub Motion – Lucifer / Red Stripe

Regal Records returns maintaining the ethos of promoting fresh dance music from up and coming producers. This cut, the ninth release so far, sees South London’s Dub Motion at the controls with ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Red Stripe’. Two serious tunes which have already been gaining appreciation on the dancefloor and both tracks featured on the recent S.P.Y. Hospital podcast. Theres plenty of support in the scene too from the likes of Logistics, Cyantific, London Elektricity, Nu:Tone & Random Concept. Each track leans towards the darker side of D&B but each showing that Dub Motion has a great deal to offer the scene.

Available to pick up on 12th November from Juno Download

Pále – Catacombs EP | Forthcoming Fat! Recordings

Manchester boy Pále has been on a steady climb with the Fat! outfit since early 2011. At only 18 years old, his sound has already reached a maturity that many producers twice his age could never hope to match.

Despondent pads open up the title track, with incidental kicks that quickly multiply building an energetic rhythm. Ghost like chords play off distant vocals as we rush towards a heady crescendo. ‘Oak Music’ maintains the same liquescent pace with beautiful organic percussion and ornate arpeggiated melodies, whispering vocals and celestial pads giving the track a feeling of infinite depth. ‘Orchidea’ ties everything up with a languid vocal loop carrying unconcerned piano melodies over the enduring drum track.

Available from Fat! Records 22nd October

Silent Dust – Love Sundered / Tell Me | Forthcoming None60

In their third release for None60, production mates Dan Blishen & Andy Hobbs (Silent Dust to you lot) continue in triumphant form. The one thing you can be sure to expect is that they will surpass any expectations.

Immediately ‘Love Sundered’ throws you off. An alarm sound is swiftly smothered by lustrous synths and an unexpected yet well placed 808 snare. Soon we are whisked off into space by climbing pads and a dainty reverberating vocal sample.

On the flip, ‘Tell Me’ is just as beautifully laid out, beginning with a church-like drone that palpitates under a heartfelt vocal. Arpeggiated melodies dance along the higher frequencies to give the track a heavenly atmosphere.

In the eyes of the Robot these cats can do no wrong. Bag it on release from all good digital stores, 8th October 2012.

Mampi Swift & Charge Recordings – The History

Being a junglist the name Mampi Swift conjures up memories of dancefloor madness. Not just from the man himself and his mixing style but also the depth of his productions. After a short break and fresh for 2012, it brings a smile to my face to say Mampi Swift & Charge Recordings are back. His brand new album entitled ‘The History’ is already receiving huge DJ support from the scenes heavyweights. There’s no doubt that with a killer LP and some huge remixes of the Charge back catalogue that Swift is ready to turn DnB on its head once again. Something I’m finding incredibly welcome. We’ve been lucky enough to recieve a sampler here at the Robot Bodypop and the track ‘Gangster’ which Bailey spun recently on 1Xtra is a monster.

Another favourite is the mighty ‘Warrior code’ by Gridlok and the absolute tearout ‘Class Of 1999’ by NC-17 & Mr Explicit. It’s also the name of one of my favourite films. Back of the net.

You can cop previews of the album here at Mampi’s Soundcloud page

An incredible return to form and we are eagerly anticipating the full release and are hoping to chat some breeze with Mampi in the coming weeks to find out where he’s been hiding so keep your eyes peeled.

Lorn | Ask The Dust

Lock into this Saturday’s show for a preview of things to come from dubstep producer Lorn. We will be featuring the first single called ‘Ghosst’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Ask The Dust’ which drops on Ninjatune in June. You can preview the whole thing and pre-order on the label website. The decision to pre-order shouldn’t be a hard one as this has all the makings of a classic.

Mindset Records 009

We’re big fans of the Mindset Records camp, not least playing lots of their cuts on our radio show. Their latest release sees a 3 track debut from Troy Gunner. Instantly adding himself to the rich and infectious melodies present in the back catalogue, this teenage producer keeps you on your toes with each track. While the melodies carry you along the sonic manipulation keeps your ears alert. Rhythmic 2-step, atmospheric pads and rolling progression make this release really stand out, Dancing In The Leaves is a personal favourite but have a listen, make up your own mind and enjoy. Cop the release on 5th December.

Troy Gunner
Mindset Records