Silent Dust – Love Sundered / Tell Me | Forthcoming None60

In their third release for None60, production mates Dan Blishen & Andy Hobbs (Silent Dust to you lot) continue in triumphant form. The one thing you can be sure to expect is that they will surpass any expectations.

Immediately ‘Love Sundered’ throws you off. An alarm sound is swiftly smothered by lustrous synths and an unexpected yet well placed 808 snare. Soon we are whisked off into space by climbing pads and a dainty reverberating vocal sample.

On the flip, ‘Tell Me’ is just as beautifully laid out, beginning with a church-like drone that palpitates under a heartfelt vocal. Arpeggiated melodies dance along the higher frequencies to give the track a heavenly atmosphere.

In the eyes of the Robot these cats can do no wrong. Bag it on release from all good digital stores, 8th October 2012.


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