Pále – Catacombs EP | Forthcoming Fat! Recordings

Manchester boy Pále has been on a steady climb with the Fat! outfit since early 2011. At only 18 years old, his sound has already reached a maturity that many producers twice his age could never hope to match.

Despondent pads open up the title track, with incidental kicks that quickly multiply building an energetic rhythm. Ghost like chords play off distant vocals as we rush towards a heady crescendo. ‘Oak Music’ maintains the same liquescent pace with beautiful organic percussion and ornate arpeggiated melodies, whispering vocals and celestial pads giving the track a feeling of infinite depth. ‘Orchidea’ ties everything up with a languid vocal loop carrying unconcerned piano melodies over the enduring drum track.

Available from Fat! Records 22nd October

Wolf Cub – Desverre / Roland Garros | Fat! Records

Fat! Records artist Wolf Cub brings the mellow vibes with this brand new two track release. All set for cold chilling, we are given an anaesthetic sound perfect for a bothered head after a long day. Let the sound take you and even if you particularly feel like dancing you will soon find yourself bopping along happily to these laid back sounds. Smooth stuff.

Cop this release from Fat! records on 03/09/12


Pále – Why’d You Even Say (Fat Records | March 5th)

Pále does it again with this beautifully fresh EP. Out on Fat! Records on March 5th (but available on Beatport right now as a digital release) the production is as cutting edge as we would expect, with tangents breaking off at unexpected turns.

Track 3, the emphatically titled ‘Damn Social’, comes as a free download – and what a tune it is too. Listen and grab here.