Käärkäsi – Hypno EP | Lejal Globe

We featured Estonian artist Kusto on this blog recently and it would appear word has been spreading throughout the local music scene over there –  this  just dropped into our inbox courtesy of Käärkäsi (another name I’m inevitably going to pronounce wrong).

The theme is basement-thumping dark garage reminiscent of Zed Bias and El-B‘s earlier work. Filthy undertones are punctuated by moments of melodic bliss, but you won’t relax for long – the persistent development of skippy rhythms and the grubby sub bass grinding away underneath keep your limbs moving. For that reason in particular, this little lot are going straight into the ‘playing out’ folder.

Released under the Lejal Globe imprint, you can grab all 5 tracks on iTunes or Amazon, or if you would rather get a 320 or wav (and why not) they are available on Juno. Preview the whole thing below via Soundcloud. Go on then!

Robot Bodypop 14.04.12

artwork by Zachary Mallett

Another frenetic 2 hour set of some of the finest future beats money can (and can’t) buy. Starting off with some classic Stenchman, there’s also a brand new track by Lorn plus more unreleased goodness from long time supporters Rdubz and Brero. Killian brings slices of up front dnb from Utopia Music and Different Records alongside amen goodness from Earl Grey. In the last part of the show we have the badman sounds of Russian dubstep producer, dj and label boss N.Killah in the Transmit Sessions Volume IV. We’ll have a lot to live up to if we keep bringing it like this!

You Think You Are Hard But You Are Not – Stenchman
Ghosst – Lorn
Sanya TV – Kusto
Here We Come – Kromestar
Electro Sneakers (The Other Side Remix) – Ovrkl
Detroit Falls – Pariah
Be Someone – Scrufizzer
Rattling Cage – Forest Swords
Tape Burn – Midland
Worn – Sangam
Japan – Subaeris
This Is Real – Bwana
Moody – Rdubz
The Old Frequencies – Brero
Romp VIP – El-B feat. Wiley

Still Love You – Heims Noises
Dangerous – Truth feat Yayne
The Chant – Mikal
‘Ave It – Earl Grey
Blabbermouth – Jekyl
Pearls (Ab-Sent & Elki remix) – Sade


Best Spring – Roofout [NRealm]
Flutter- Sollabong [DubKraft]
Maybe – N.Killah [Forthcoming NRealm]
What U Wanted 2 Feel (Pixelord Remix) – Machinedrum [The Index]
Fogs – Kingdom [Night Slugs]
Omega Point – N.Killah [Forthcoming NRealm]
Centurion – L-Wiz [Dub Police]
Soulfunk – Phaeleh [Free]
X – N.Killah [Forthcoming NRealm]
Minerals – Scuba [Hotflush]
G742 – Kutz [Biscuit Factory]
Other Another – Sunchase [Dubzilla]
Blame – Tunnidge & Distance [Chestplate]
Ordered World – N.Killah [NRealm/Subline]
Close Your Eyes – John Miszt [Free]
The Wrong Path – Nanobyte [Free]
Tes La Rok – Cold Blooded [Tes La Rok]
Blade Runner – Snep [Free]
Bad Boy – Swifta Beater [Swifta Beater]
Eyelashes – Kill Moda [Beauty Default]

El-B featuring Wiley | Romp V.I.P.

About 6 months previous we sent a begging email to dark garage proponent El-B for a copy of this insane VIP mix to play on our show. Whilst not forthcoming he did take the time to drop this short reply into our inbox a couple of days ago

just got this msg now. lool


neglecting to mention that the track in question had been made available to all and sundry via Soundcloud for a limited time only – Cheers mate! If you haven’t yet heard it then you are in for a treat. The original track minus Wiley‘s vocal came out in february as a limited vinyl – Hopefully they will be re-stocking soon. Big up if you caught this VIP whilst it was available and if you didn’t thats some snide luck. Catch it at the end of 1nejack‘s set on this weeks show. Next time.

Robot Bodypop 26.10.11

DOWNLOAD (right click and save)

artwork by Daniel Arnold-Mist

Apologies this week but we’ve both had to take gardening leave. As such we haven’t been able to lace the music with our sultry Mancunian tones and have had to let the music do the talking. The selection remains as upfront as always and normal service will be resumed next week. Enjoy.


Hurricane – Ferrein
A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) – Adriana Treyana
That’s Not My Scorpion – Janner
Esthar – Seifer & Surgical
Get Raw – 6blocc
Puppets (Tunnidge Remix) – Truth
Flashing Lights – Chasing Shadows
How U Like Dat – El B vs Laze
United Groove (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) – L.Vis 1990
W.U.T.A. – Compa
Big Bwoy Sound (part 2) – CRST ft MC Chico
Static Velocity – Geek Boy
Cold – Landslide
Hear Me – Pablo ft Boson Havoc
The Cold In You – Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse
Flikr of ur Eyes – Swarms
Eight and Eighths – Pale
Sunshine – Ruckspin & Quark
Deep Sea Space – Paper Tiger

Prototype – Headhunter
Fire (Original Mix) – Synkro
New Reality – DJ Madd
Alone – Kryptic Minds
Paranormal Activity – Pinch & Roska
No Respect – DJ Madd & Chris Su
Evil – Dr Cryptic
justabeat – Loefah
Justified – Breakage
Dream On – Chasing Shadows
Horndog – Linton Brown
Clinch – Kontext
City Of Cars (Von D Remix) – DLX & Kemst
Hardcore Members – Subscape
A Little Version – Love Grocer