Robot Bodypop 26.10.11

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artwork by Daniel Arnold-Mist

Apologies this week but we’ve both had to take gardening leave. As such we haven’t been able to lace the music with our sultry Mancunian tones and have had to let the music do the talking. The selection remains as upfront as always and normal service will be resumed next week. Enjoy.


Hurricane – Ferrein
A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) – Adriana Treyana
That’s Not My Scorpion – Janner
Esthar – Seifer & Surgical
Get Raw – 6blocc
Puppets (Tunnidge Remix) – Truth
Flashing Lights – Chasing Shadows
How U Like Dat – El B vs Laze
United Groove (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) – L.Vis 1990
W.U.T.A. – Compa
Big Bwoy Sound (part 2) – CRST ft MC Chico
Static Velocity – Geek Boy
Cold – Landslide
Hear Me – Pablo ft Boson Havoc
The Cold In You – Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse
Flikr of ur Eyes – Swarms
Eight and Eighths – Pale
Sunshine – Ruckspin & Quark
Deep Sea Space – Paper Tiger

Prototype – Headhunter
Fire (Original Mix) – Synkro
New Reality – DJ Madd
Alone – Kryptic Minds
Paranormal Activity – Pinch & Roska
No Respect – DJ Madd & Chris Su
Evil – Dr Cryptic
justabeat – Loefah
Justified – Breakage
Dream On – Chasing Shadows
Horndog – Linton Brown
Clinch – Kontext
City Of Cars (Von D Remix) – DLX & Kemst
Hardcore Members – Subscape
A Little Version – Love Grocer


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