El-B featuring Wiley | Romp V.I.P.

About 6 months previous we sent a begging email to dark garage proponent El-B for a copy of this insane VIP mix to play on our show. Whilst not forthcoming he did take the time to drop this short reply into our inbox a couple of days ago

just got this msg now. lool


neglecting to mention that the track in question had been made available to all and sundry via Soundcloud for a limited time only – Cheers mate! If you haven’t yet heard it then you are in for a treat. The original track minus Wiley‘s vocal came out in february as a limited vinyl – Hopefully they will be re-stocking soon. Big up if you caught this VIP whilst it was available and if you didn’t thats some snide luck. Catch it at the end of 1nejack‘s set on this weeks show. Next time.


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