IM:LTD 1209 – Gerwin, Nuage & 2SHY

IMLTD 1209 - Lying Portraits - front cover (resize)

Always on the cutting edge of drum & bass, IM:Ltd returns with a pair of tracks filled with
soulful energy. Preferring to err away from the obvious, the new vinyl release from the
France based label teams intelligent lyrics with stepping rhythms and delicate
instrumentation, lifting the release above a scene saturated with dark beats.
Gerwin & Nuage are one of Europe’s most prolific DnB collaborators and ‘Lying Portraits’ sees them team up with lyrical craftsman 2Shy to bring some beauty to the genre.

Sauntering through jazz influences it switches easily between a deep, emotive bass-driven track and a smooth, attention-grabbing stepper.

“Soul Truth” takes melodic textures and a smooth RnB vocal to create a track filled with
multi-layered beauty. A punchy 808 bass winds its way underneath, bringing warm depths to
carefully spacious percussion and interesting melodic snippets. A tune to relax to.

Gerwin’s ear for delicately devastating bass and percussion has been something of a well-
kept secret for too long. This release captures his need for elegance as well as depth and
rhythm. Listen and learn.

Available to pick up any day now on Triplevision

Robot Bodypop 26.06.12

artwork by Exit Man

This week Killian opens up with a merciless selection of subterranean dubplates to pound out of your subs until your ears cry black. His set features dark cuts from DubtekBiome, Benny Page and Swindle.

1nejack comes in with an arsenal of sound big enough to kick off the next cold war showcasing bangers from Suck Fake, Hostage, Kahn, Clueless to name a few.

A new feature this week is The Survivor. Each fortnight we will pick the cut that makes it to the next show. The aim is to survive in our playlist for as long as possible, so only perfection will make the grade. The levels are high and competition is dirty so stragglers should expect no mercy.

This week it’s Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs with their insanely unpredictable Future Garage riddim ‘Closer’ beating off all contenders. The intense bass line and crispy drums had us peaking last week. T.E.E.D. has the top spot for now, but will he still be here next fortnight? Only one way to find out – let’s bring it on.


Cerebral – Dubtek
Uneasy – ARP XP
Transmission – Ghost Note
Uprise – Djunya
The Burial (ft. MC Spyda) – Benny Page
Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake) – Goldie
Mainstream – LeAp
Pluie d’été – Opti & Everydayz
Inside – Antics
Cardinal – Biome
Do The Jazz – Swindle


Twilight Horizons – Seven
Bla – Suck Fake
Tunnels – Hostage
What Matters – Hackman & Bluto
Play It (Gremino Remix) – Voltron
Angeles – Kahn
Closer – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Dirty Angel – Clueless
We At War – Enigma Dubz
Sleight Of Hand (Flugelhorn Riddim) – Whyrez
Alliance – Congi
Babylon War – Babylon System & Truth
Thinking We Still – REKchampa
117 Careplan – Henry Wu

Free Beats

Once again we come with more freebies to bag for yourself.

Up first is the mighty duo from NZ, Truth with a storming track. ‘Dangerous’ features Yayne on vocals. Its deep but the smooth voice rounds off the edges. Bag it.

A big and varied free package from Ovrkl got our attention in a big way. Grab the whole thing off bandcamp here

And big up Annie Mac for this freebie which was made available as part of her Free Music Mondays feature. Scrufizzer is shows us his lyrical skills on a fresh sounding beat.

More great music from Sangam – 4 tracks of sub zero vibes.

From the excellent Mad Decent label comes this jeffrees release from Bwana – Tight sounds.

Moving on we have a bass heavy number in ‘Still Love You’ by Heims Noise. Hailing from Sheffield and you know we love our Northern producers, pick this up as we’re not sure how long it’s going to be available for.

Finally there’s a frankly awesome Sade remix of ‘Pearls’ by duo Ab-Cent and Elski. Download limit already reached on Ab-Cents soundcloud page but theres still chance to bag it from Elski. Dig it.

Samurai Horo – HOR001

Once again taking the unfamiliar, and unpopular route, Samurai Music / Red Seal has created a vinyl only record series for 2011. With the public’s disposable view of music rapidly increasing as we go further and further into the digital age, Horo want to put value back into their released recordings and in turn reward the people that still pay the most for their music. ‘Horo’ was a cloak attached to the back of armour worn by elite Samurai messengers in wartime. Capturing an elite tsukai-ban messenger wearing a horo was a coveted prize.The ‘Horo’ vinyl series is an exclusive limited edition series that will come as a pre cursor to a release by the same artist on Samurai Music or Samurai Red Seal. Samurai Music began it’s output on 10″ singles that identified us strongly, so we are glad to see the return to the 10″ format for these limited collectors items.

Future music at its very experimental best with these two cuts from Tokyo Prose & FIS

Samurai Music
Example Magazine