Samurai Horo – HOR001

Once again taking the unfamiliar, and unpopular route, Samurai Music / Red Seal has created a vinyl only record series for 2011. With the public’s disposable view of music rapidly increasing as we go further and further into the digital age, Horo want to put value back into their released recordings and in turn reward the people that still pay the most for their music. ‘Horo’ was a cloak attached to the back of armour worn by elite Samurai messengers in wartime. Capturing an elite tsukai-ban messenger wearing a horo was a coveted prize.The ‘Horo’ vinyl series is an exclusive limited edition series that will come as a pre cursor to a release by the same artist on Samurai Music or Samurai Red Seal. Samurai Music began it’s output on 10″ singles that identified us strongly, so we are glad to see the return to the 10″ format for these limited collectors items.

Future music at its very experimental best with these two cuts from Tokyo Prose & FIS

Samurai Music
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