Robot Bodypop 7.9.11

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artwork by Christopher Conte


Nyah Kieth (Guido Remix) – Dubkasm
Step Into The Dub – VRS
Got To Be Real – Command Strange
e-von – Von D
Her Eyes – Reso
Brazil (J-One Remix) – Falty DL
2nite – Submerse
Octan – Hudson Mohawke
Mountains Part 1 – DJ Rum
Breathe Me In (Kasek’s Broken Lungs Remix) – Dub Force One
Clarinet Dub – Alpha Steppa
Bodymoving – XXXY
The Journey – J-One
We Had A Better Life – Jack Dixon
Song For You – Inka

Broken – Unbloomed
Hot Butter Interlude – T-Polar
Dub Empress – Alpha Steppa
Fragile come Down – +Verb
Broken Heart – TRG (Martyn’s DCM Remix)
you And I – Pangaea
Open the Cut – Blind Prophet
Talisman – Clubroot
Torn – Kryptic Minds
Another Dubplate – DJ Madd
Lag – Blind Prophet
Discipline – Untold
Radical – Distance
Free Your Mind – Mosaix
Djinn – Something You Know
Disposition – Vex’d ft Jest



Broken beats, Broken minds….

Starting 17th september, The Fragmentality team will be hosting a monthly party to bring you the finest bass fuelled glitchy beats and rhythm’s from across the globe stuck together with the finest DJ glue, turntablism techniques and controllerism technology. Covering, but not even remotely limited to, genre’s such as : GLITCH MUSIC // TECH-HOP // LAZER BASS //MOOMBAHTON // KUDURO // ACID CRUNK // SOUL & FUNK //CUMBIA // MOOMBAHCORE // TROPICAL // FUTURE // BREAKS // D&B // TECHNO // HIP HOP //MASHUPS // BOOTLEGS & BASS BASS BASS!! All of these and more will be ExperiMentally stitched together to make a musical quilt your granny would be proud of- if she had taste in music and enjoyed having her insides liquified by sub frequencies…

Over the next 12 months the collective behind this ADHDJing extravaganza will be inviting some of the finest Audio pioneers to break out of their musical boxes and join our Massive Multi-Genre Monthly Musical Marathon to play their most inspirational tunes from all backgrounds and time periods mixed with cutting edge future beats live remixed in a way finally possible with “DigItALL” dj technology.

We are so excited to celebrate our New found home at the legendarily awesome underground venue The Roadhouse, That Fragmentality will be hosting a   FREE  pre freshers launch party, with some of Manchesters finest residents and performers showcasing their ADHDJ style and giving you a taste of the future before the new batch f students arrives… watch this space for details and Mix downloads over the next week as we reveal more on our resident Dancefloor Destroyers….

Much as we’d love to see everyone come down to our night, Due to the limited capacity of the venue, to ensure our invited guests (you!) aren’t disappointed we will be running this  Free as a closed guestlist event on a first come first served basis until 12, when we let any remaining space be filled by the public at midnight for £2 each so PLEASE rsvp and tag your plus one’s names Etc as soon as possible on our facebook event page to ensure you don’t miss out on the birth of something special…..

Hit up our facebook page

Do YOU think you have what it takes to join our collective of ADHDJs? Can you make music out of nothing but a washing up bottle some double sided sticky tape, a cheese grater and a Laptop? Can you make a wall come alive with your projection mapping and vj skillz? The Fragmentality team are open to submissions from DJ’s, VJ’s, circuit benders, Light sculptors and producers pushing the envelope of audible acceptability, and hope to provide a regular platform for upcoming talent… contact us here…

Fragmentality V1.2 —- Saturday 22nd October.

RESO – Free EP #2

RESO is a bit of a anomaly in the Dubstep world. Having started out in music playing drums in Rock bands, he only became interested in production at around 18 messing about on hip hop e-jay (we’ve all got to start somewhere) and when he finally got hold of a copy of Logic and a computer and started to push – in his words – ‘crappy breaks and D&B’, he was 21 years old. Since then his skills have developed and grown, planting him on firm ground in the dubstep world where he is now celebrated as one of the pioneers. 

This is RESO’s second free e.p. and decidedly deeper than some of his earlier offerings. We are loving the Mario Kart inspired cover art! Sign up to the mailing list here to grab a copy now!

XXXY – Bodymoving VIP (free DL)

Having recently moved to Manchester, London’s XXXY has been busy developing his sound. Drawing on influences from ragga and drum and bass as well as house and garage this is one producer who is certainly hard to keep up with. Having attended a night in Manchester’s northern quarter recently I can confirm that he tears the place down with a unpredictably smooth mix of styles, from grime and dancehall anthems through to hip hop and slow jams! There was not a dull moment and the dancefloor was packed until 4am. This new free tune is a nice example of how XXXY accomplishes this. Danceable and funky but with a fresh sound – the bass keeps pumping whilst the track develops. Lovely stuff.

Apologies to latecomers, the download limit was reached after only three hours of being uploaded! Hopefully mr XXXY will make it available elsewhere for those who missed it.


And he has! Download here >>>>

Eskmo: “Amphibian” free DL

This is an unreleased version of a track I wrote in 2008 called “Amphibian”. A year later i made an updated version just for fun. This is the result.

I had completely forgot and just found it today while gathering things together for my new Welder release:


Eskmo is a favourite of ours from way back, and whilst the track presented here is nearly 4 years in the making it still sounds as fresh as if it were made yesterday. Check out Eskmo’s groundbreaking self-titled album which is out on Ninjatunes. Watch for more from this talented San Francisco artist.