Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy Madrid

This compilation actually now dates back to 2011 but the music far exceeds the time is was concepted. And the 2012 compilation isn’t available yet anyway so bag this.
The annual international music event hosted by Red Bull where up and coming producers, singers, arrangers, DJs and musicians get an opportunity to learn from top industry professionals has been throwing up surprise results year after year.
Incredibly, the compilations are put together and the event in Madrid last years see’s no less than 35 tracks included for free download. In any format I might add for the audiophiles amongst us.
Without going into too much detail theres a rich blend of deep electronica but theres still the core instrument playing musicians there in the fold making this an incredibly varied selection.
Absolutely pushed for standout tracks I might be inclined to say Yosi Horikawa & Dorian Concept with the glorious track ‘Red Sound’ & Jorge Caiado & Mathew Jonson with the deep house vibe on ‘Ecovillage’ are the tracks that led me to seek out the full compilation. Get involved.

Trouble – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | Polydor

T.E.E.D. set out to make album free from the limitations of the rinsed out fast burning electronic dance music trends that we see producers all too readily latching onto. In doing so he has created something that dances between Garage, Dubstep, House and Indie Rock music, and although he appears to not be taking himself overly seriously he does it with class.

Simply put, this is a very skillful album. It manages to hold interest whilst taking the listener on new journeys and giving you plenty to think about. Catchy as it is unpredictable, even if you end up deciding you don’t like it, it may take you a few changes of mind to arrive at that conclusion. This album is one which will keep you pondering – and hopefully dancing -long into the summer.

Preview the whole thing and find links to buy on Tumblr