Trouble – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | Polydor

T.E.E.D. set out to make album free from the limitations of the rinsed out fast burning electronic dance music trends that we see producers all too readily latching onto. In doing so he has created something that dances between Garage, Dubstep, House and Indie Rock music, and although he appears to not be taking himself overly seriously he does it with class.

Simply put, this is a very skillful album. It manages to hold interest whilst taking the listener on new journeys and giving you plenty to think about. Catchy as it is unpredictable, even if you end up deciding you don’t like it, it may take you a few changes of mind to arrive at that conclusion. This album is one which will keep you pondering – and hopefully dancing -long into the summer.

Preview the whole thing and find links to buy on Tumblr


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