Voice Hands Machine – Cold Jam EP | Forthcoming Slime Recordings

New from the prolific Slime imprint comes a fresh Parisian producer by the name of Voice Hands Machine with the ‘Cold Jam’ EP. This polished and swanky pop track is subject to bass heavy juke and deep house reworks from Jack The Hustler & mad:AM respectively. We fully expect all three tracks to become regular players so take our recommendation and cop it.  You can grab this from Juno exclusively from the 21st.

Actraiser – The 160 Sessions Vol 2 (Footwork Jungle Mix) | FREE DOWNLOAD

The multifarious Actraiser returns with the second instalment in his Footwork Jungle mix series. Commencing with a frenetic 160 dancefloor focus, artists such as Fishstix, Chrissy Murderbot and Om Unit grace the playlist as it encroaches further and further into Drum and Bass territory. Taal Mala, Mark Kloud and Plug facilitate a mighty conclusion. Pure quality precisely as we have come to expect. Free to download.


Chrissy Murderbot – Friendship EP | Halocyan Records

Brand new sounds from Chrissy Murderbot with his ‘Friendship EP’ absolutely smashing it out of the park this month. Whilst everyone else appears wrapped up in what ‘Trap music’ is and isn’t, the Murderbot pushes forward with his own steroid injected Juke sound. Here he breaks the underground out into the open with R&B samples, epileptic beats and hyperspeed synth work. Comes highly recommended, and if you listen to the tracks below you will see why.

Phillip D Kick (Om Unit) – Footwork Jungle Vols I, II and III

Om Unit is one of those prolific producers that has his fingers in pies everywhere. This series of free downloads under the Blade-Runner inspired moniker Philip D Kick re-visits classic Jungle tracks and gives them a Juke/Footwork makeover. Seeing as both Jungle and Drum & Bass are bass heavy club genres with syncopated beats and 160bpm (or thereabouts) tempos it seemed natural to blend them together. The results are staggering. Volume 3 was the final in the series, completed last month. Download all 3 volumes here.