Mr. Beeb – Metro Remixes EP | B-DEM Records | FREE DOWNLOAD

Now a giveaway from B-DEM records for you all to bag. You may remember we featured Mr. Beeb‘s Ambivalence EP on the blog back in August; ‘Metro’ is revisited by four different producers for B-DEM‘s first remix EP. The results are funky, fast and furious. Featuring Lojt, Clueless, Usurp and DJ Hex. Bag it!


Mr Beeb – Ambivalence EP | B-Dem Records

Here’s an interesting debut for you – Mr. Beeb has been around for a while honing his skills, and this being his first EP he has based it around the concept of a failed relationship – So far so optimistic.

The skippy opener ‘Girl You Know’ bounces along nicely with softly stabby garage chords and a pleading male vocal. She’s apparently unhappy because he didn’t put enough sugar in her tea, but he wasn’t to know and is wondering why she’s pulled such a strop.┬áIn ‘Lost & Found’ the fella realises his mistake and laments the loss of her affections. By the time we reach the gritty ‘Metro’ any efforts to salvage dignity are abandoned and they are at each others throats, presumably in public. By the time we hit the dramatic conclusion on ‘Goin’ 747′ she has completely lost the plot with him and jumped on a plane in a fit of tears. An absolute tragedy!

This is great as a concept release, well realised and skilfully assembled. Just don’t expect to hear 4 party tracks here. This EP is probably best listened to drunk and alone as you put your ex’s stuff up on freecycle.

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