Koreless/Jacques Greene – Lost In Tokyo EP | Vase Forever

Jacques Greene and Koreless return for their second collaboration to date, this time on the Vase Forever label.

Koreless comes minimal and mellow as we would expect on the title track – a percussion track is hinted but those waiting for the ‘drop’ will have a disappointing time here.

Jacques Greene strikes a more rhythmic balance to the release with his particular set of skills on the remix ensuring a healthy future for this 12″ in many a club circle. We look forward to many more collaborations from this unlikely duo, who knows what they will come with next. An album maybe? Let’s see.




Jacques Greene – Concealer EP

If you are looking for a badman producer, Canadian Jacques Greene certainly resembles the e-fit.

Greene’s creations are always up front and ear catching – he has a knack of plucking teasingly familiar snippets out of old R&B or House tunes and recombining them into something fresh and unusual.

The highlight for me is the collaboration with Scottish minimal dubstep producer Koreless – If I was asked to come up with the most unlikely musical collaboration between two contemporary bass music producers of all time – I still wouldn’t have considered putting these two together – their styles are that diverse. Such a great feeling to hear their distinct individual soundscapes working perfectly together on the one track. Believe me, you need to bag this.