Mungos Hi-Fi – Forward Ever

Glaswegian soundboys, Mungos Hi-Fi, return with a more digital outing than previous excursions and with this their third album, its upfront reggae alongside some of the finest vocal talent around. Positive vibes with each track and it sounds more like a party than an LP. A seriously diverse sounding record moving from ska to dubstep whilst maintaining classing backings and a nod to days gone by. Essential listening.


Scrubadub Syle ft. Sugar Minott
Everyman Different ft. Rasta Pacey
Skidip ft. Charlie P
Computer Age ft. Mr Williamz
Gimme Gimme ft. Kenny Knots
Boat People ft. Pupa Jim
Scream ft. YT
Dem No Like It ft. Omar Perry
Bad Bad Boy ft. Soom T
New York Boogie ft. Ranking Levy
Warm Up ft. Zeb and Scotty
Session Pon top ft. Biga Ranx
Soundboy Police ft. SoomT
Musically Mad ft. Mr Williamz
High Grade ft. Gentleman’s Dub Club

Scotch Bonnet Records
Mungos Hi-Fi

Konchis & Loki – Trying To Sell A Bridge

Nothing wrong with a bit of hip hop. What am I saying? Hip Hop was my LIFE ten years ago. Unfortunately as time went on I kind of lost touch with the new stuff coming out due to it sounding too commercial, too polished and too bloody happy for my ears. Trying To Sell A Bridge is just the opposite. Konchis‘ grit ridden production perfectly compliments the unapologetic tones of glaswegian rapper Loki.The result is a deep blend of quality Hip Hop to keep the head nodding – and thinking. Free to download from Bandcamp right here. Bag it.