Slime Presents ‘Basswave 2’ : 26 Tracks Of Next Level Bass | Slime Recordings

Featuring the best of their past 50 or so releases, Basswave 2 is the culmination of an outstanding year for Slime Recordings. The vibe is deep and eclectic with tribal, melancholic, soulful and heavyweight bases covered in the pick of the year’s releases.

Slime have had a swarm of impressive debuts this year, notably from the likes of Akin and Vausz to name just two – as well as a number of important releases from established artists such as Partyson and Totte. The bar is high, and that is reflected by the quality of the tracks on this compilation.

If you are new to this imprint then you could do much worse than start with this release – before you inevitably go sifting through their back catalog for their other quality releases.

Available on Juno from the 7th of January

Robot Bodypop 29.09.12

artwork by Ruidan Lv

Bringing you a shorter podcast than previously, we have decided to change up the format for the coming weeks. Almost all of the content in this podcast is featured in some form in the articles below, so have a scroll down while you listen – after you’ve grabbed a download of the show that is.

Featuring exclusives from Silent Dust, REKchampa and Clueless plus some massive free tunes including an EP from Metrodome and a one off track from the new album by Rudi Zygadlo, there is no drift from our focus on quality music. This is just the beginning of a shift in emphasis that we think will help to make this site one of the best bass music blogs out there. Enjoy!

Love Sundered – Silent Dust
Jaded – Akin
Bartender’s Theme – REKchampa
Yeah – Metrodome
Perfect World (Metrodome Remix) – Gossip
Wool (Janner Remix) – Bunzer0
Russian Dolls – Rudi Zygadlo
Brittle – Clueless
5 Bit Blues – Kid Koala

Akin – Finite | Forthcoming Slime Recordings

Fresh off the plate from the brilliant Slime Recordings, this debut from Sydney producer Akin comes as a mixed bag of Garage, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. With a melancholic vibe supported by a firm groove, the air tight production immediately made our ears prick.

In we go. ‘Jaded’ commences with unearthly chords giving way to springing 2-step beats backed by a stirring vocal. Garage will never die with producers like Akin keeping it alive. The high benchmark is adhered to on the mournful liquid Drum and Bass track ‘Longing’, with tight drums and melancholy piano phrases. Ending on the deep Dubstep vibes of ‘You Don’t Know’ we are treated to a stunning example of the production we can expect from future releases. One of the most impressive debuts we’ve heard this year. Pre-order from Juno ahead of the release on 22nd October.