Robot Bodypop 21.07.12

artwork by Matt Spangler

A killer is someone or something that kills, such as a murderer. “Killer” is also a slang term, an adjective denoting something of excellence or a high standard

Bring that slang over here because its more than appropriate. Absolute beast of a show this week on the Robot Bodypop. 1nejack is back within the atmosphere dropping gems and Killian comes with a Transmit mix so out there you might as well stick it in a time capsule and dig it up 20 years.

As always there’s the raw deep beats, this week most notably supplied by Tay, REKChampa and Beats Antique. There’s also freebies for fun such as cuts from Chimpo and an exclusive or two from Hectic & beat fiend Rdubz.

Topped off with a mix that literally pushes audio boundaries. Not even talking in cliches here. Ken Evil serves up 40 minutes of Juke, bass and all manner of original beats in the Transmit mix.



Sugar Rush – Rdubz
Raindancer – Sorrow
Build – Clueless
Mindgrow – Moses
Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix) – Koreless
Arrow (Feat. Koreless) – Jacques Greene
Let You Love Me (XXYYXX Remix) – Tinashe
Forever – REKchampa
Soaring – Shigeto
Lofticries – Purity Ring
Shrine – Beats Antique
Crossfader (feat. Kid Koala & D-Styles) – DJ Kentaro
Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake) – Goldie


Spatial – Tay
Just People Step – Chimpo
One Day VIP – Londy
Start Stop – Hectic
Badman Place – Busy Signal ft Movado (Hi Enz & M.E.S.P RMX)

TRANSMIT #9 – Ken Evil

Set It – Dream Continuum
Calling All Freaks – Traxman
B Free – Dream Continum
uFancy Restaurant (Machinedrum Remix) – Gang Colors
Regis Chillbin – Eprom
All I Do Is (Smoke Trees) – DJ Manny
Torture Track – DJ Diamond
Wreckage – DJ Diamond
Pop The Trunk – DJ Diamond
Footwurk Homicide – DJ Nate
Burn Dat Boi – DJ Metro
Door(s) – Machinedrum
When You – Tha Pope
The Statue – Machinedrum
Lost Without You – DJ Roc
I Can’t Control The Feeling – DJ Roc
Giv A Lil Love – Dream Continuum
Free – DJ Nate


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