Free Beats (or option to buy)

So much fresh music this fortnight. I’ve had a good rummage through Bandcamp and found a whole heap of free niceness. Good for me as I am on the verge of being destitute after an expensive trip away in the south of France. Good for you because we put all the great swag we find in one place for your ease and enjoyment. Whilst you can get all of these for free, you should pay the price you think is right where requested. The artists will certainly appreciate it.

So with heaps more grace than a grumpy French waitress allow me to present to you the first of the show’s offerings; The XXYYXX remix of Tinashe‘s “Let You Love Me’. Go on. Sniff it.

That wasn’t half bad, but wait ’til you hear what’s next – ‘Mind Grow’ by Moses had me reeling from the vibes coming off it. It must be the garlic.

Next up, ethnically inclined duo Beats Antique explore some rhythmic eastern themes in this great free album also available on Bandcamp. Check out our featured track ‘Shrine’. Very palatable.


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