They Always Come Back – Submerse | Apollo Records

A couple of years ago Submerse was based in Leeds putting out strictly 4×4 and 2step tunes. This recent EP is part of a promising new phase for this young producer who now resides in his adopted spiritual homeland of Japan.

Starting with ‘8-bit Romance’ the tone is set for synthesised percussion, glitched synths and smudged out 8 bit chirps. From there we break into the Juke vibes of ‘They Always Come Back’ which features trademark processed vocals over a futuristic drum track with the occasional suggestion of an amens shuffle. This vibe continues in the same vein on ‘Give It Up’. The head nodding vibe of the opener is what we are left with on the final track ‘Cluster’ – a marvellously ambient piece of trip hop.

Available now on Juno – Look out for the Tears EP as well, currently only available on vinyl but well worth the pennies. Enjoy.


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