Shift Key – Left & Right EP | Bullet Train Records

On our show we are all about pushing the sounds that are making a difference – It makes us happy when we find music that is harder to categorise. That’s the blueprint of this latest 5 track wonder from Shift Key. To best explain what his new EP is all about, here is the man himself:

The tracks all have a hybrid feel to them – In ‘Low’ haunting pitched vocal samples and trap beats eventually give way to an epic Dubstep breakdown. There are commercial boxes ticked with the vocal intro of ‘Close’ and the sound of Shift Key‘s own voice singing on ‘Left & Right’. Tear out synths and syncopated percussion ensure that the stadium sound is ever present and these tracks will no doubt do well at the festivals this summer. Available to buy now on Beatport. Preview all 5 tracks right here.


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