Free Tunes

It’s a bit of a giveaway extravaganza this week. In fact there isn’t even wriggling space as we have packed  our mixes  jam tight with.. tight jams (yeah wot) and gathered them all here just for you the listeners. We want you to know that we care.

First up its some sweet 2009 vibes from Sleeper named ‘Blame It On The Voices’. Moody and deep as you would expect and it comes alongside 3 other jams that you can pick up from the Hedmuk blog.

Pick up all 4 here @ the Hedmuk blog

Next up its some soulful 140 vibes from Canada with the mighty ‘Stroke’ by SOUL Muu-Szik. Summer vibes on this one. Bag it and check out his other cuts there on Soundcloud.

Moving on it’s some tit-for-tat remix shenanigans from Darquan and Amit. Amit up first remixing the seminal ‘Warrior Dance’ by Darquan

And then Darquan up with a rolling badman take of Amits ‘Dirty White Trash’

Neither likely to feature on Soundcloud for very long but theres a ton of sites with links to either tune so Google could be your friend if they disappear from there.

Next it’s dirty 180bpm business from newcomer Iant. aka Ian Taylor – He’s done this VIP of the ‘Oil Slick’ cut and made it available for free via It’s some techy minimal vibes – grab it here.

Next up, more of the high BPMs from the legendary Concord Dawn who have just not stopped making banging drum and bass since their heyday in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Grab ‘ElectroCute’ on soundcloud.

And finally, another newcomer on the Robot Bodypop – With a name like the Mad Zion-tist we really did not know what to expect. ‘Mind Driven’ completely blew us away. It’s already one of my favourites.

More freeness on the way from Killian once he’s cleared up the days excrement and tears.


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