Free Beats

Some of the free tracks included in this weeks Robot Bodypop show with some techy dubstep from 50 Carrot. ‘Lost Frequency’ being the track included off his 4 track EP made available for 2000 likes on Facebook.

1. Burial
2. Liquid Acid
3. Lust Frequency
4. Yush!

Download EP
50 Carrot on Facebook

Then over to Quantax for this deep freebie named ‘Faded’. Love this cut. Looking forward to the 170bpm stuff he’s got on the way.

Quantax on Soundcloud

Another atmospheric garage cut from our boy Ritual offering up this huge 70mb .wav of his newest production ‘Nightshift’.

Ritual on Soundcloud

Silent Dust are back after their sensational Debut Album with a remix of the Shut Her Down track by the lovely Anneka

Silent Dust on Soundcloud

Misty Hills gets the remix treatment by the one like Chik – 6 minutes of utter deepness

Chik on Soundcloud

And finally, we have featured this track before on the blog, but it’s a bloody good one so here it is again – Blynk’s remix of Secrets by Numan.

Blynk on Soundcloud

Bag them. All of them!


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