Wachs Lyrical (Regent) – The Long Walk South

 “The Long Walk South”, with it’s unique blend of seductive, deep vocals and a non-trivial bassline, is, first of all, a brilliant attempt to think over the UK bass scene outbreak through a prism of the American soul. With 2 other swaggerish solo tracks, a chopped & screwed remix from Kingthing, a halfstep wonder refix from Mista Men and a garage-rave mutant edit from Sentinels, it might seem this release is perfectly balanced to please any audience.

We are deleriously happy this week with the discovery that The Long Walk South is now out as a free release – This is an unbelievable giveaway from eastern european label Wicked Bass Records – perhaps my favourite so far on this blog. Preview all 6 tracks here then grab the DL from mediafire.


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