RDoubleE aka RDubz – Roots Recordings – Sewn Deep E.P.

I first peeped RDubz’ productions back in late 2009 when I found his debut album Baptism By Electro sitting around on Amazon. This year he’s back as RDoubleE – And the gloves are off! This EP is dark, moody and deep – gone are the sweet electro house vibes that marked his debut. This EP proves his range and ability as a producer.

You want nasty pal? I’ll show you f***ing nasty!!

The EP is out now on Roots Recordings, co-founded by RDubz himself to give up-and-coming artists with genuine talent a shot at releasing their records independently. Sewn Deep is a collaborative effort featuring the innovative talents of heavyweight new producers SeiFer & Surgical, John Maveric, and the enigmatic Pablo. There is no filler on this release, just 100% bangers – Buy Buy Buy!!

Check out the 5 tracks I have spotlighted from the EP in tonight’s Robot Bodypop (14.9.11)

Bag it on Juno now!!

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