Seba – Identity


Lets not mess about here, Seba is one of D&Bs critical artists. In a scene thats been calling for producers to push new sounds or be consistent enough to continually entertain, Swedish producer Seba comes forth with the follow up to Return To Forever. It’s a beautiful example of an artist evolving, not to mention the fact that its out on his own label, Secret Operations. Often when an artist publishes themselves on their own imprint, the music can be very indulgent. Not here. Imagine your favourite Seba tune; I’ve got one in mind & Robert Manos is on vocals. Square that. Thats Identity.

This LP carries 10 tracks and its deep. Opening with ‘Cant Describe’ theres some lush vocals drawing you in while the percussion keeps the vibe low. Its a gentle ride in the 4/4 until it peaks where the bass warps forcing the whole track to even out. Brilliant.

Certainly going to have to mention the title track here. ‘Identity’ starts slow but very precise with a vocal that literally wants to carry you through the tune. It’s probably only a minute before the sub bass kicks in and when both these join up this track goes in.

Theres beautiful piano licks in ‘Madness’ featuring Robert Manos whos a badman vocalist, lets be honest.

*cough* track of the album

The harmony on this track is ridiculous.

Moving on, ‘Say You Love Me’ is a welcome mix of inflated bass and sharp techy lines interspersed with melancholy piano which pads out into a rich riddim

Amen beats are there or there abouts in ‘Nothing Can Replace’. I havent vibed to a tune with a female vocal like this since Kosheen. This is a perfect blend. Its deep, gets you emotive but also keeps either the feet, knees, or legs moving in tandem. Awesome stuff.

Amazing that we can go through some of these tracks and not mention the Metalheadz sound. It’s actually present in abundance on the mighty ‘Balance Of Power’ track. Hopscotch beats with moving electronica whilst the highs of the beat sound like glass being punished. This track must be a homage to Sebas comfort on the Metalheadz label. Its incredible and with the firing bass, its an important riddim. It speaks volumes about the mans evolution.

Theres a couple of techno numbers on this album too. You need to seek them out for yourself. Purely so that your as surprised as I was.

This glorious collection of tunes are capped off with ‘Whats Your Fantasy’. The track is just as seductive as the title. It weaves between comfort and emotive whilst keeping you hooked. You wont miss a trick.

Theres nowhere for me to link you to some of the tracks so you can do no better than to listen to this sampler.

Shouts to Seba, this is an incredible achievement. Restoring faith in DnB and still pushing the envelope. Large

From all good retailers worth their salt 04/03/2013


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