Transmit Sessions Volume XI – Mloski

A regular in recent months on the Robot Bodypop show, Bulgarian producer Mloski got busy to provide us with a guest mix that showcases his own work. With releases on all the Bulgarian netlabels such as Jisatsuken, Mahorka, Monokom and Stretching Spaces as well as releasing his 5 track EP ‘No Face Hero’ on Russian label Otium, it was his long player ‘Labyrinth’ on ABCD that hooked us onto his sound. Beautiful soundscapes punctured with deep rhythms and solid beats made us excited to get the man in not only for a guest spot but to also find out a bit more about who’s behind these fresh vibes.

1. Greetings. You’re from Varna in Bulgaria. Tell us a bit about the music scene there

Varna is not a huge scene for that type of music. The focus is on more commercial genres. There is a Bulgarian scene but it`s small and the growth is there to be seen but is not significant especially compared to bigger countries.

2. How did you end up producing the music you do? What journey did you take musically?

I`ve created music for many years now. My early days were mostly ambient, drum and bass and IDM. Write now I`m using dub step elements in my music. I have many influences, I listen to a lot of different types of music, not only electronic. For instance – I love jazz. As far as what I`m making right know, I got there from within, led by intuition. I am not aiming for a specific style, I am going for the emmotional charge and the message of the tracks.

3. Do you get the opportunity to play out live and if so tell us about the best gig you’ve played

Yeah, I do. I get invited to open-air festivals annualy, where I can make my fans happy with some of my new stuff. It is almost always moments to remember, because the festivals are held in great locations, either up in the mountains or close to the beach. The nature here is breathtaking and the people are always great. They come for the music and the great atmosphere. If I had to pick one , I`d say Artmospheric Festival is one of the more significant ones in Bulgaria.

4. Whats your favourite record in your collection?

It`s hard to say, they are so many..but FSOL – Dead Cities is one that I have a special appreciation for.

5. Do you have any ideas for a dream collaboration

I would love to collaborate with many musicians, but two of the dream choices would have to be Brian Eno and Harold Budd.

6. We have featured your Labyrinth LP on the Robot Bodypop quite heavily. It’s a beautiful record. How long did it take to put it all together and were you pleased with the final result?

I am very happy you enjoyed the album. It took me about seven or eight months. My producer and I had an idea for an EP with a few tracks and remixes, originally. We started at a few tracks and ended up with a whole album. I am happy with the outcome. I managed to make what I set out to do and I really conveyed the idea and the concept of the album as I wanted.

7. What have you got planned for the future?

To make more music and put more time and effort into it. That’s what I want to do the most.

8. Tell us about some people to keep an eye on whos music youre feeling

There are many musicians in Bulgaria that are making very beautifull and interesting music. 1000 names, Cooh/Balkansky, Esem , Poligon Ring, Kink – are some of the musicians on the Bulgarian scene I often follow. From outside the country I can strongly recommend anything coming out of Project Mooncircle Records

9. Do you have any plans to come to the UK?

I would very much like to visit the UK, but I still haven`t had the chance. If I got an invite to perform there, I`d definitely go. .

10. Recently we have been amazed at the bass music Eastern Europe has been producing. Why do you think EE is excelling at making such deep tracks?

I think it`s the Slavic gene and spirit at play. We are very warm and emotional people and most of the countries here have a predominantly Slavic population. That might be were the depth is coming from.

10. Whats the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

Maybe a dog, but I wouldn’t do that 🙂

You can check out the full ‘Labyrinth’ album here where amazingly you can name your price

This album is available from Ivan Shopov’s ABCD label and theres a ton of music to check out on there



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