Silent Dust – NSY004 | None60 Recordings

Our favorite paragons of deep, dark and minimal drum and bass are back with a fresh batch of releases for their resident label None60 this September.

The first of these, catalogued NSY004, is a two track voyage through an epic galaxy of futuristic hip hop and breakbeat. ‘Martyrs’ is breath-snatchingly deep with spaced out samples that bounce off into the ether as the track gradually builds and develops to an epic conclusion. The flip – ‘Population Me’ – is a warm and twisting future hip hop head nodder which features the rythmic poetry of US lyricist Selfsays.

Thankfully Silent Dust are not the types to employ generic production tricks to pull you in – Their compositions have a tempered style and graceful execution that will have your head moving before you even know it yourself. No jarring drops or maximised-to-the-limit repetitive drum programming here, thankyou. Subtlety is key. They skilfully tease your ears until you are ready for the climax, which never fails to satisfy. And there is more to come; Keep your eyes on Robot Bodypop for further releases!


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