Robot Bodypop 04.08.12

artwork by Rongs1234

The Robot Bodypop show returns and this weeks selection has Killian warming things up with a broad selection featuring deep bass numbers from Hiloxam & Danny Scrilla. Theres a couple of vocal cuts in there most notably featuring the distinct sound of Warrior Queen and a smooth riddim from Biak ft. Adelia. New releases from Jack Sparrow and a couple of freebies in there too.

1nejack kick starts his selection with a killer Dizzee Rascal recut from DeeSee and then moves through the styles with future grooves from Kusto and a wild beat from Chrissy Murderbot. The survivor is also in there do keep your ears peeled to see what track made it over from the previous show.

All rounded off with this weeks guest mix from Bristols beat fiend ActRaiser. Expect a slice of the future in there with some classic sounds. We’re very excited about this one. The man himself also kindly took a minute to speak to the ‘bot so be sure to check that out.


Brown Sugar – Mutated Mindz
Street Sound – Danny Scrilla
Hanuman Langures – Dubapes
Victory – Forsaken
Afraid Of Me – Jack Sparrow
Phantom – Von D
Subliminal – Hiloxam
You Turn Me – Laxx
Dualism – Thelem & Killawatt
Falling For You – Biak ft. Adelia
Dickie Riddim – Schlachthofbronx ft. Warrior Queen
Find Jah Way – Gorgon Sound
Pandoras Sorrows – Dubapes
New Start – Guive & Lone Ranger
Good Old Days – Jack Sparrow
Swan – Biome (Versa RMX)


Just A Rascal – Dizzee Rascal (DeeSee RMX)
Klaaatz – Kusto
Luminence – Retro
Soaring – Shigeto
Limitless – Shift Key
Bionic Penguins – Chrissy Murderbot

TRANSMIT #10 – Actraiser

Adam F – Circles (Phillip D Kick Footwork Mix)
ActRaiser – Tropa Z
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Phillip D Kick Footwork Mix)
Dream Continuum – Set It
DJ Taktix – Hornz For 94 (Phillip D Kick Footwork Mix)
Krampfhaft – Carl Sagan The Man
Halp – Tic Tac Toe (Krampfhaft Remix)
Slick Shoota feat 5kin & Bone5 – Hit The Flow
Slick Shoota – Love You You You
Interface & Minus – Hardwork
Ital Tek – Gonga
Dream Continuum – Giv A Little Luv
ActRaiser – Lost In The Jungle
Wheez-ie – Desire
Plug – Feeling So Special
Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Footwork Mix)

Actraisers guest mix carries on beyond so be sure to check out the full mix below.


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