Transmit Sessions Volume 7 | Janner

Fusion time – but not in the Jazz sense. We’re talking Fukishima levels of heat and radiation here! We’ve had to keep this one on ice in a reinforced nuclear bunker for the past few months due to the glow emenating from the hard drive – Now its time to break open the asbestos seals..

Janner delivers a meticulous meltdown of diverse and intriguing tracks fusing sounds from his influences and contemparies’ along with his own productions.

We caught up with the man himself and asked the standard questions.

Long time no hear from. What have you been up to?

Hmmm not a lot of interest to be honest! Lots of really middle-aged stuff like working for the man and child-rearing… I’ll be getting back on those buttons shortly tho.

Middle age can wait – We need more tunes! Belgium is home to some really great bass music artists. Are there any you would care to recommend?

Absolutely. Obviously there’s my mate BunZer0 who I’ve done a number of releases with and who was one of the first people to get me into Dubstep through his legendary Fresh Off The Boat show. Bun has been taking big steps froward with his productions and has been making some cracking beats this year. Then you have Dailey pushing the 2-step sound, the Science crew and ARtronics who are pushing the deeper darker stuff, and last but not least the Grimlock crew who as well as having made some amazing tunes, also put on some incredible parties back in the day.

We like the fact your sound is not formulaic and you always try new things in your music. What is it that drives you and what will be your next direction?

Thanks! I guess what drives me is the base desire to make music for myself, and what i like to listen to is stuff that challenges me from a rhythmic perspective, but also has melodic structure as well as being sonically impressive. The worst thing is getting stuck in a rut so I’m always trying to push forward – or look backwards if that is what I’m in the mood for. I want tracks to be inspirational so I guess that is what I am aiming at when I sit at the console. Next direction? No idea.

You have lived in Plymouth, Manchester and Brussels. What comparisons can you draw between each city’s music scenes?

Well when I was growing up in Plymouth we had an amazing time but it wasn’t due to there being many great parties…I was a few years too late for rave, and back when I was a kid, DnB was only really available on vinyl and very little of it filtered down as far as Devon. Then when I got to Manchester it was a revelation as Ed Rush and Optical had just dropped Wormhole and the whole dark Techstep/Neurofunk thing was kicking off. Gotta say I went to some pretty amazing nights that were a huge contrast versus my sheltered southwesterly upbringing. Then when I moved out to Brussels it took a while for me to discover the local events, and also a while for Dubstep to kick off, but then things started properly happening and I went to some truly brilliant nights.

Who skanks the hardest?

Not trying to blow smoke up your arse, but I’d have to say Manchester.

Haha, yes mate! <brofist> What is the most annoying thing about the music you work in?

That’s a tough one. Probably the speed at which everything moves now, and how quickly the formula is identified for something that was previously emergent, allowing it to be pinned down and bled dry. Kinda takes the romance out of the discovery process as well as stifling creative development.

On the flip side, what makes you happiest?

Drums, breaks, prehensile, tentacular basslines, and the imaginative ways people find of making them interact.

What’s the biggest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

Possibly a Coconut Land Crab.

Thanks again for such an awesome mix! Big up!

You can check Janner’s sounds out on these assorted pages:
Janner on Juno


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