The Transmit Sessions Vol.1 : Clueless


To blast off our TRANSMIT series in style we have invited prolific Norwegian DJ and future beat maker CLUELESS to bring the noise with this funky 45 minute mix of body moving future steppers. With a number of releases on labels such as L2S Recordings and Night Audio we are honored to play host to this formidable talent.

 What is your favourite track in this mix and what does it make you think about?

I’d have to go for the first track in the mix, “Mandy” by Palace. It’s a proper 2-step groove, and the bassline is so mean, it borders on the silly.. I picture a couple of big trolls skanking to this in the club, wanting to look mean but deep down everyone knows they’re good-hearted.

How do you feel about DJs becoming more and more acquainted with tools beyond turntables? Is there anything extra you like to take with you for live shows?

It’s all good, the music is what’s important anyway. Myself, when I DJ I’m pretty old-school, I can use cds but I prefer vinyl – there’s really nothing like that tactile feel when playing records.

Name the best venue or location you have played to and why it was so good.

I played at Stealth in Nottingham a couple years ago, warming up for Shackleton on Spam Chop’s Wigflex night. Amazing vibe, the crowd was well into it, and I was pretty stoked to be warming up for one of my heroes..

You have a pretty amazing workrate. What tips can you give to other musicians to keep up the inspiration and stay productive?

Don’t have a life, that takes the focus away. 🙂 And listen to all kinds of music – personally I get a lot of inspiration listening to Indie music; Bon Iver, Arcade Fire etc.. And make music with your heart, not your head.

Whats the largest animal you can throw over a crossbar?

I support animal rights, so I’m not really comfortable with throwing any sort of animal over crossbars. Maybe if you made sure they weren’t harmed, like if they were to land on something soft.. In which case, I reckon I could pull off a sheep maybe, or a small tapir.

Big thanks to you sir for this awesome selection!

Catch CluelessTransmit Mix for the Robot Bodypop in the 2nd half of this weeks show, and you too can learn to skank like well-meaning trolls from the future!






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