Silent Dust

Silent Dust is the project of UK duo Dan Blishen (originally from Manchester) and Andy Hobbs (hailing from Kent), who produced Drum & Bass together for years under the respective monikers Zyon Base and Hobzee.

Their self-titled debut, ‘Silent Dust,’ brings their signature D&B sound into a different light, drawing from a wide range of influences – ambient, drum & bass, garage, dub, breakbeat and soundtracks. The result is a collection of deep, bass-laden productions that sound like absolutely nothing else, filled with lush arrangements, an array of found sounds (‘footsteps, vinyl crackle, sellotape stretching’), cinematic vocal samples and glitchy, idiosyncratic drum programming.  Though it’s driven by experimentation, this is a D&B record at heart: even the ambient tracks were written at 160-170 BPM.

We are well impressed by this debut. Personal favourites are ‘A Million Words’ and ‘Shadows On The Wall’, which features in this weeks podcast. Check previews of all the tracks below, then click a link to buy.

Mp3 Release…st-silent-dust…st/1856436-02/…lent-dust/?g=9

CD Release (includes Marcus Intalex, Calibre & Om Unit remixes)…t.asp?id=26273…Track=NSYCD001

For those a bit pushed in the run up to christmas, here’s 2 free Mp3’s from the duo – Just follow the links and instructions to download.

Nicki Minaj – Your Love (Silent Dust Remix)

Silent Dust – Winter Song (Original)


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