Janner first started making music in 1998 in Manchester whilst he was here at uni using a Roland SP-808 hard disk recorder/sampler to make drum and bass. He had his first release under the name Static on Moving Shadow. After tiring of the DNB side he moved on to Hip Hop and Breaks, but by 2005 the burdgeoning Dubstep scene had inspired Janner to experiment with half step beats and that led to his first 140bpm release in 2006.

His versatile range of styles and structures stand out here on tracks like the brilliantly named Deimos – the second moon of Mars and also memorable to us for featuring in the legendary PC game DOOM.

Check the bass line on his 2step track Proteus, out now on Jemenfish Records.

These days he’s making beats at all bpm’s. Check his most recent unreleased cut Masada, featured on this weeks show.


Listen and buy tracks from his available back catalogue here on Juno. We are hoping the record labels wake up and more releases will be available soon..


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