Strategy – PreSeason Training

As one half of UK hipHop outfit Broke’n’English, Strategy shows off what their recent Umbro bursary can do in only 2 weeks! Not one to shy away from his roots, the lyrics are a homage to the City he grew up in and everything else that happened along the way. Freebies like this bring a mighty smile to my face and its going to be interesting to see what Strats and DRS come up with for their follow-up to their debut album, Subject2Status. Highlights of this appetite whetter are the acoustic version of Life On The Costa Del Salford ft. Samim Harmim, The Bleep Test and The Referendum ft. Konny Kon and DRS. Bag this and then head over to Broke’n’English blog and bag everything else youcan. Refreshingly original stuff.

Download @ Strategys Band Camp page
Broke’n’English blog


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