Clubroot – S​/​T (III – MMXII) I LODUBS

Clubroot is without doubt one of the pioneers of the dubstep/future garage scene. His first album recieved wide acclaim, and despite being somewhat dismissively touted as the next Burial (a rather lazy distinction which is too often used) he has proved a staggering musical force in his own right. The ‘S/T’ (self-titled) trilogy culminates in this third release.

The signature sound is there, deep as we have come to expect, with intricate 2step percussion providing movement in the cold and desolate soundscape. Clocking in at just over an hour in total, there are ambient interludes in the form of ‘Ennio’s Eden’ and ‘Murmur Interlude’ and notable highlights in the shape of oddball unsettler ‘Demon Drum’, the haunting vibes of ‘My Kingdom’ and the hard edged step of ‘Garrison’.

All told, this is a great conclusion to a classic series which is sure to take a prominent place in your CD stack or vinyl collection for years to come. Check below for buy links, this one is out on Lodubs via bandcamp. Oh, and you can catch ‘Inviolable’ on this weeks show.


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